On Saturday 25 October 2014 a number of enthusiasts got on the bus for the annual MechaMusica autumn trip. This year, they visited the Nederlands Boekorgel Centrum of Toon Heesbeen in Tilburg and the private collection of Henri Krijnen in Oosterhout, with a lunch in the Seterse Hoeve. The photos of our member Bennie Tanghe give a good impression of the atmosphere:

Our member Eddy Goderis and his wife Isabelle Trio will be opening a new organ museum in Leffinge (B) in the future. During the weekend of 17-19 October, those interested could get a preview. Our member Dirk Senesael sent us some photos - it all looks very promising!

92-key Decap in Café BeverenMuch to the surprise of many organ enthusiasts, the well-known Café Beveren has been put on the market to find a new owner (see http://www.overnameweb.be/).

This café is unique in the world, because since 1937, there has been a 92-Decap dance organ, providing musical entertainment 'for a penny'. The café has always been popular with many organ enthusiasts, also from abroad.

We sincerely hope that the café will find an owner who will preserve this unique piece of organ history!

In the weekend of 28 and 29 June the triennial Orgelfest in Waldkirch in Germany took place. Our member Willy Jacops visited the event for the first time and sent us the photos below, which give a good impression of this fantastic event with dozens of organs, ranging from small, hand-turned ones to large fair organs:

Orgelfest Waldkirch 2014

Director Vera Carasso of the Museum Speelklok in Utrecht has resigned. She has immediately been replaced by Klaas DIrk Bruintjes, member of the board of trustees.

You can read more on the website of RTV Utrecht. Read also the reaction of our sister society KDV.

Our secretary, Gerrit Verhagen, attended the open days at Decap Herentals (28 May-1 June). Click on the photo below to get an impression of this large event:

Opendeurdagen Decap Herentals 

112-key Gaudin Gaviolizaal HelmondThe organs in the Gaviolizaal in Helmond can stay there until - at least - the end of 2015.

The city council has granted a subsidy to the foundation Draaiorgels Helmond, which is responsible for the management and exploitation of the organ collection. The  foundation gets a subsidy of € 17.000 for the exploitation and a contributation of € 43.000 for the rent. Moreover, the city council has granted a once-only subsidy of € 100.000 for the overdue maintenance of the instruments.

Decap in café 't Centrum in EdegemOrgan enthusiasts are undoubtedly familiar with the Café Beveren in the city centre of Antwerp, where a 92-Decap can be heard. Now, there's another location to visit: the owner of Café 't Centrum in Edegem, Dave Swiggers, has placed a 92-key semi-electronic Decap organ in his café!

The organ was built in 1958, and only two examples of this type are known to exist in Belgium.

Source: HLN, 04/06/2014 (photo Benoit De Freine)

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