Text and photos: Uwe Gernert

Like every year (the participation of barrel organs at the festival goes back for 23 years and Bruno didn´t tell me how long he is in charge for the festival), Bruno Leoni invited some twenty organ players to the LUGA festival. This fair/trade fair is held annually and as a tradition of the fair the last Saturday is the day of the barrel organ. Bruno invited 20 players of which 19 were on site. Unfortunately weather conditions weren´t very good: the organs had to be unloaded during heavy rain, but from the beginning of the show at 10:00 h up to 15:00 h the weather cleared up and the organs could be presented to the public in open with great resonance. As usually on those occasions in Switzerland the organ players were split up into groups moving around over the whole area to give the public the chance to listen to different kind of organ styles and music at one place.

The players usually meet after their daily work at 16:00 h at the festivals beer tent ("Dorfplatz-Beizli") for the "z`vieri" but due to weather conditions this year the meeting of the players began a little bit earlier. Esther, the landlady of the Dorfplatz-tent was kind enough to invite all of the players before 16:00 h and Hans Ueli Lehmann and Markus Bölsterli (http://www.oergelimaa.ch/) played some pieces for barrel organ synchronously (Famous: "Die Post im Walde" http://www.oergelimaa.ch/var/m_1/16/168/24301/993800-20%20Post%20im%20Walde.mid?download - click "open" to listen) for the whole public in the tent.

Since my partner and I played beside the "Dorfplatz" all day through we were also invited to play some of our tunes in the tent. In spite of the weather conditions we had a lot of fun and if you´ll be in the area at the time of LUGA being held, drop by - beside the rest of the show there are a lot of interesting organs and players waiting for you.